Hello. I’m James Vitale, a trained Remote Viewer.

I can find out your Optimum Trajectory (your path through time and space), Optimum Vocation, Optimum Location and Optimum Mate (if you have one). I can locate missing persons, missing objects, find treasures, reconstruct historical events (both recent and ancient), scan memories and dreams and investigate enigmatic (missing time/UFO/paranormal) phenomena.

My skills can be utilized by Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, Lawyers and Corporations. I am willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Please see my blog for examples of what I can gather Intel about.

Pricing starts at $349 for an initial probe (for a new customer). If you can wait for two weeks for a turn around time, the price is $249. If you are a returning customer, the price is $99. The information gathered is conveyed to you via phone after the session.

Relationship Coaching (with no active psychic perception) is $49 per 30 minutes.