Astral Projection

projectionI’ve received a strong intuitive prompting to master the skill of Astral Projection lately. Or as we call in the Rosicrucian tradition: Psychic Projection.

There is far more application to Astral Projection than just traveling to another place. While travel and observation of other locations can be very informative, there is also certain kinds of telepathic communication and distance healing work that can be facilitated by projection.

I have put off mastering this skill because of a “traumatic success” with projection as a teenager. 😉 I feel it’s now time to get over that fear.

Indeed even Remote Viewing, the amazing Intelligence gather skill, is in essence, a halfway state of Psychic Projection. That state is called “Bi-location” in RV circles. One of the most famous military Remote Viewers, Joseph McMonagle, has stated on video that he prefers Astral Projection to Remote Viewing for Intelligence gathering purposes.

Now as I have yet to master this skill, I cannot say which one is superior. But Psychic Projection certainly seems to have more applications.

I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

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