Adventures In Psychic Projection

So, if you’ll remember I recently published a blog about Astral Projection and my strong intuitive prompting to master this particular metaphysical skill. I’d like to say that I practiced this skill everyday since I wrote that blog. But real life gets in the way, and I’ve only practiced twice.

The good news is that I got measurable results both times; once when I projected to a place and another to a person.

I am also going to call this skill by it’s more correct and proper name from now on of Psychic Projection, since we projecting our psychic body other places.

I have a special meditation chair in my Sanctum (Sacred Space) that I can sit lotus style in. I’m still fairly flexible at 50, so while it causes me minor discomfort, it’s not bad. The ironic thing about Psychic Projection is that the mild discomfort, rather than making it harder, seemed to compel or facilitate it.

When I projected to the place, I choose a location I lived at previously in Florida. Unlike the traumatic experience I had with Psychic Projection as a 15 year old boy, this was smooth and peaceful. And even though I was high in the air, I didn’t experience any fear. This was also quiet nice.

You see I was a stunt man at an amusement park in Arizona about 16 years ago, and while I performed okay with falls from high places, it was challenging for me to say the least. There was no fear with heights while projecting.

My next attempted projection was to a person. This was interesting. This person is not at all intuitive and yet seemed to notice my presence, much to my surprise. The other thing that caught me off guard was the intensity of the emotions present in this person’s living room.

When I Remote View, and therefore project about 50% of my consciousness somewhere, all I am doing is gathering data. It is a very detached process. While I pick up emotions at the target site, I don’t typically experience them unless it’s very, very intense scene, like a violent criminal scene.

However, while projecting, it was more like standing in a room with the person in question. And I experience a lot of emotion, intention and information while present with someone in the physical!

I have to say I found that burst of emotional lucidity and awareness very distasteful. 

I experienced something similar that two decades ago when I was sending distance healing and comfort to a fellow Rosicrucian. I ‘saw’ her vividly during the session, but thought nothing of it and finished my visualization process. Right after I finished my session, my phone rang and it was the woman in question. She asked me directly if I had projected to her.

I had not learned the proper Psychic Projection technique at that point. Nor had I intended to project. So my answer was no, but apparently I had inadvertently done so! 

She told me that I had appeared in her living room, standing over her, hands out, sending healing and comfort to her. She was very moved by this. While I was ‘translucent’ and didn’t have much detail she said she knew it was me beyond a shadow of doubt. She thank me for my positive intentions toward her.

Now, this fellow Rosicrucian was very psychically sensitive. So it made sense that she would perceive my presence while I was sending her positive energy. But the other person in question is not the least bit sensitive. So apparently I’m not very good at being indiscernible when I project!

Who knew? 😉

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