Finding Missing Persons

Missing-Persons-Private-InvestigatorRemote Viewing is the perfect skill to augment the search for missing persons. Considering it utilizes pen and paper sketches and word descriptors, and therefore  produces written notes, is very convenient.

Remote Viewing can produce new leads and new clues for law enforcement to investigate. In the hands of a skilled Viewer, RV can be invaluable. The only circumstances that might be challenging is if the missing person is located in homogeneous terrain with very few landmarks nearby. Or if a deceased missing person’s body is spread across a few different areas. I know, gruesome, but a reality is some cases. A deceased missing person also may have been disposed of by feeding them to animals.

Some Viewers have a stomach for this kind of work and some do not. My desire to give a family closure or maybe even joy, at finding their relative alive, far outweigh any discomfort I might feel conducting a session.

If you need help finding a missing person, contact me today.

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