Ancient Atlantis

Before the time of the ancient Egyptians or Aztecs. Before the time of the ancient Greeks or Romans there existed an amazing island nation with advanced technology and spiritual development.

I’m sure you’ve seen some of the TV specials over the years about Atlantis. If you’re a fan of Edgar Cayce, the legendary island nation frequently comes up in his books. Plato himself wrote all that he knew about Atlantis in his works Timaeus and Critias. There are many myths that mention this ancient civilization that often go unrecognized.

Atlantis is the Primordial Tradition that links all philosophies and religions from the beginning of recorded history to the present day. This island nation had technology that was both primitive by comparison to our modern standards as well as far more advanced. For example, while Atlantis utilized architectural techniques familiar to the ancient world, they also utilized sound in a much different manner than we do today. Sound was used in medicine and transportation in ways that we cannot imagine.

Several races of Atlanteans evolved and most were far more psychically developed than we are today. Our extrasensory perception today has devolved or atrophied from what it was then. There was a “Golden Age” when several groups of Atlanteans left to spread agriculture, mathematics, architecture, religion and philosophy around the globe. This is why we can find points in common between Native American, Mayan, Aztec, Persian, Greek, Roman, and Teutonic legends. One group of notable Atlanteans established a colony along the Nile River which eventually became the dynastic civilization of ancient Egypt.

Atlantis was struck by at least three cataclysms over several thousand years, the final one being the sinking of the largest remaining island into the sea. We know this in Western Culture as the legend of the Flood from the Hebrew and Christian Bible.

Atlantis had some self-interested, some benevolent and some corrupt rulers. Before the final demise of this nation it was corrupt. It was at war with other nations all over the globe. There are striking similarities between Atlantis and the modern day United States of America. And it’s interesting to note that much of modern America is the reincarnation en mass, of ancient Atlantis.

Will we evolve passed our baser instincts? Will we be guided by wisdom, love, beauty and harmony?Or we will continue to descent into chaos, strife and destruction?

Only time will tell.

One thought on “Ancient Atlantis

  1. Everything eventually goes extinct and we are headed the same way. When I was a seeker I was young and stupid I was told that a few people exist that have learned to love and they do what they can. You may be one of them I was impressed by Atlantis and came to the conclusion it is buried in the bay of Gibraltar they have a copy in Spain. Interestingly enough I also know a race of peaceful people lived near Gibraltar who where bigger than humans. They went extinct and may be in our genes when we understand DNA we might get the answer. Best Wises thank you for your post Peter


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