Pivotal Eternities

Below is a copy of an journal entry from January 14th, 2006, when I was still married to my children’s mother.


189182900493_zpso8qeeqilI took the family out to Del Taco for dinner last night.  My wife, daughter and youngest son had gone on ahead into the restaurant. My middle child, my son and I were still leaving the car.

My daughter is my performer, helping when needed, my baby is my prancer baby, and my son is my snuggler. So I was snuggling my son and I said to him, “I love you,” in a matter-of-fact tone.

And while looking at the restaurant, he said to me, “You better love me or I’m… I’m gonna pound you!”

Shocked by his severe answer, I laughed out loud and my son followed suit. He let out one of his overly exaggerated laughs; the kind that little kids do when they are trying to infect you with the same emotion.

My ears filled with a hollow sound and everything slowed down. He turned his head toward me, and directed that incredibly intense gaze of his squarely into my eyes.

With graveness in his voice, he said “I’m serious!”


Time seemed to stop as a mysterious spiritual connection was made between us; one of those rare soul to soul communications. Even though time stopped, I sensed action all around us and felt reality pivot in a way I’ve only experienced a few times before.

While staring into those inconceivably dark, intense eyes, I saw the man in the boy I held in my arms. Two possible futures unfolded in front of me with lighting speed.

In the most likely path, I saw my son growing into the exceptional young man I know he can be. I saw him pass through his phase of materialism in his late teens and early twenties. I saw his subsequent rejection of remote viewing/psychic perception and his eventual return to embrace it in his medical practice as a traditional Doctor. His wife and his two children were also perceivable.

I saw and felt the indelible imprint of myself deep in his psychological make up as well as his own unique emotional identity emerging with unimaginable power. I sensed the thousands of patients, whose lives he will save and suffering he will diminish. I felt the seeds of achievement and purpose that will be passed down to my grandchildren; all from me, some rough, uneducated, Sicilian.

A part of me cried out with gratitude and humility, for God granting me so great an opportunity, as to care for one his children; to be an eternal part of creation itself.

I also sensed the less likely path, which will only happen if I withdraw myself from my son’s life. In this future, I felt the rage, disappointment and self-hatred of a neglected young man with damaged self-esteem. For while he could rationally understand the absence of his father, his primal emotional side could never comprehend it. I felt and saw the pain and resentment, the drug abuse and anti-social behavior. I sensed only one child, from sleazy girlfriend/prostitute, as well as my son’s criminal career and imprisonment and his suicide at the age 27.

Resolution flashed all throughout my body. There is absolutely no way I am going to let that happen. But I am thankful that as a natural psychic and I can perceive, almost immediately, the outcome of my personal choices: Pivotal Eternities . For the future is not set and we change it all the time by our thoughts, attitudes and actions. Our human action and Free Will are power creation given to us by God.

I wish that all earthly fathers, everywhere, could sense the outcome of their personal choices. Maybe if they could, they would choose more creatively. Maybe if they could sense their enormous responsibility and how their seemingly insignificant choices affect others, especially their children, they would be different. At least, I’d like to think that.

Time slowly crept forward, sound returned to my ears, and I said to my son in as loving and nonchalant a voice as I could muster, “Okay little man!”

We joined the rest of the family inside, ordered dinner and had a great time. The kids had a great time in the Play Area and even met some new friends.

Everyone is special . Everyone is unique, usually more than they will ever realize. Your choices today reverberate throughout the eternities. Remember dear reader, you don’t have “gifts;” YOU are the gift!

You are the gift of a loving Father in Heaven to your brothers and sisters here on earth. You have the rare opportunity of creation through your choices. Choose with your head, but SEE with your heart.

Besides, you read my son’s warning: I had better love him or he is going to pound me!  😉

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