Purity: The Abandoned Ideal


I used to host an internet radio show on Blog Talk.  I strived to have a female co-host so that the male and female perspectives are both represented.  So as you can imagine, I am keenly aware of when other psychic shows with a male / female team come along.

Recently such a show premiered.  The woman was a friend on Facebook and the guy was someone I did not know.  But they were both attractive, wholesome, intelligent looking people, so I intended to listen.  I am a good, entertaining host, but I can always learn more.

I was completely appalled when they announced the topic for their premiere show: “Should you have sex on the first date?”  Now I realize we live in the age of instant gratification with no personal accountability.  But I could not believe that the woman, a supposed psychic, would even consider the topic!

I have been in the psychic business for 25 years.  And granted, there are some people in the industry who try rationalize one-night stands and random hookups.  But most psychics are well aware of the overwhelming heartache and pain that infidelity and promiscuity cause.   We live in an age, unfortunately, where many woman attempt to imitate the absolute worst behaviors of men.  Some people are even warped enough to call this ‘liberation!” 

Since when did we allow the fashion gurus and supposed cool people to redefine ‘liberation’ to mean desensitizing your body and deadening your heart?  What about love, tenderness, loyalty and companionship? 

I realize we stopped crafting real men in America a long time ago.  But shouldn’t we be encouraging men to be better men; faithful, loving and devoted, instead of killing their incentives for this by having random hookups and sex on the first date?

The question doesn’t even need to be asked because the answer should be a resounding, “Hell no!”

Now, I understand that some of you may be thinking I’m a little archaic and old fashioned.  However almost every survey I have ever seen states that most women still want marriage and commitment.  Most of the exceptions I have come across have been discouraged women who simply no longer believe that such a relationship is possible anymore. While I sympathize with them, I cannot agree with them.  There are good men out there.   

Spiritual development, real spiritual development,  is about growth and personal responsibility.  Women, for centuries, were the sacred caretakers of all that is holy.  They helped shape good men, first at the knee, and then as their companions with their love and devotion.  Good women have always softened the harsher aspects of men. 

When did purity, the sacred ideal, become so unpopular?  We hear lip service being given to spirituality all the time, especially in the new age / self-improvement culture.  But since when did we cut off the roots of it?  Buddhism is a typical religious philosophy that is popular among new agers.  However few people are aware of just how rigorous Buddha’s teaching are.  You are probably aware that one of the Four Noble Truths taught by Buddha was, “All suffering is caused by craving.”  Did you know that ‘craving’ can also be translated as lust?  

Now I am not suggesting that we all become priests and nuns.  But our desire for love, companionship and our procreative powers need to be handled with care.  If we are reckless we will bring unnecessary suffering on our own heads.

Your body is a temple for your Soul and needs to be treated as such.  And this holds true whether you believe your Soul is the literal spirit offspring of or a divine spark of God.  Real self-love begins with respecting your temple.

Let us shake off modern, ‘sophisticated’ cynicism and re-embrace an old truth: PurityPurity of heart, mind, body and Soul! 

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