King Tut Was Not A Soldier

kingtutIn a recent story on FoxNews, archaeologists are speculating that King Tutankhamen was not weak and sickly as originally thought. Because of some armor found with him, some are claiming that he may been a soldier that died in battle.

I Remote Viewed his death several years back to see if he had been assassinated.

As dramatic as assassination or death in battle sound, neither are true. King Tutankhamen did indeed have a clubbed foot and trouble walking. He fell on some steep rock stairs and either injured or broke his leg. I cannot recall exactly. The wound became infected and he died from the infection.

Disappointing, I know.


Of Course The Moon Landings Were Faked!

There is all kinds of trickery around the Apollo Moon Landings. What is far too simplistic of a view of the average American is that if part of the Moon Landings were faked, all of it was faked. This is just not the case. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and of the other astronauts went to the Moon! They may not have gone during the times stated, arriving before or after.

Let’s remember that we were at the height of the Cold War! The Soviets would have loved if we failed and took every opportunity to sabotage the mission with space technology and spies they had planted at NASA. NASA had to fake part of the landings. 

Adding to this the Astronauts found evidence of current alien bases and ancient, abandoned bases. All of this had to be hidden from the public.

Can you imagine trying to hide Soviet sabotage, compartmentalize data from potential spies and document all the ancient and current alien activity on the Moon and come back and act like you just took a vacation?

No wonder the Astronauts looked stressed! No wonder they seemed nervous! Who the hell wouldn’t be? Can we please remember these men were human beings and had the weight of the world on their shoulders? I mean, all the tech boys at NASA could be shocked, dismayed, indulge in their feelings of hopelessness and despair while drowning their sorrow in alcohol night after night without anyone judging their every move. The Apollo Astronauts could not! They had to be stoic and strong.

The Apollo Astronauts, of every single mission, had to hide most of what they documented and how shocked they were through innumerable interviews.