Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness and Psychic Development

What is Cosmic Consciousness and why is it a worthwhile pursuit? Depending on the mystic or psychic school of thought, it has been called many things in Buddhist, Islamic and Christian traditions: Enlightenment, Illumination, a State of Grace, Gnosis and Christ Consciousness.

Almost all mystical, religious or spiritual traditions have inspired individuals to pursue this blessed state up until recently. In the last 60 years, diabolical forces in the political and social realm have replaced spiritual aspiration with shortsighted hedonism and atheism.

Yep, you read that right: I wrote diabolical. There are also many in the psychic arena who ‘study’ Cosmic Consciousness or altered states of consciousness, as a hobby or pastime. They would be hard pressed and would abandon said study if life were not running smoothly. I don’t want you to feel guilty if this topic interests you and all your bills are paid, you have a great job, wonderful husband or wife and happy children. But ultimately, it is what we pursue under pressure that defines us.

Why study Cosmic Consciousness? 

Because most of humanity trials and tribulations are brought about because of our lack of consciousness (awareness) of the forces that made and sustain us. In the past these have been referred to as Divine Laws. And let me add that these divine laws were instituted by our Creator for our benefit and growth.

Richard Maurice Bucke wrote this about Cosmic Consciousness in his Magnum Opus book Cosmic Consciousness: A study of the evolution of the human mind: “The primary characteristic of Cosmic Consciousness is, as the name implies, a consciousness of the cosmos, that is, of the life and order of the universe. Along with the consciousness of the cosmos there occurs an intellectual enlightenment or illumination which alone would place the individual on a new plane of existence – would make him almost a member of a new species. To this is added a state of moral exaltation, an indescribable feeling of elevation, elation, and joyousness, and a quickening of the moral sense, which is fully as striking and more important both to the individual and to the race than is the enhanced intellectual power. With these come what may be called a sense of immortality, a consciousness of eternal life, not a conviction that he shall have this, but the consciousness that he has it already.”

So we see that Cosmic Consciousness is a power that transforms the individual. 

Let’s compare Cosmic Consciousness to lower forms of consciousness: simple consciousness is possessed by any living creature. Self-consciousness is possessed by human beings, as distinguished from that possessed by other animals. Cosmic Consciousness is something is in advance of either of these states, which goes beyond what we would consider our objective realization.

Ultimately, consciousness itself is a composite of what we perceive with our senses and our intuition. The latter is itself composed of two primary functions: our extrasensory perception and previous experience of the soul, vis-a-vis past lives.

The combination of self-consciousness and intuition is something that is unique to human beings, which makes us potential vehicles for Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness could be thought of with the analogy of a telescope. Just as a particular arrangement of material tools (casing, wires, lenses and mirrors) are needed for a telescope, so there is a mental or psychic arrangement necessary for Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness has the effect of being inspiring and practical to the challenges of daily life. New systems, procedures, inventions, books, music, movies and ideas spring from such divine inspiration. These inspirations will always have a practical application for the true mystic.

Let me state at this point, that it is difficult for most people to make use of a small amount of psychic development. They falsely believe they have the right to live in the clouds and forget the requirements of daily life. I have run into this psychological phenomena many times in this field.

“Mystics” or “Psychics” who want to float around in ephemerality and ambiguity, for self-aggrandizement and false social status, with no practicality to their insights, are not true mystics.

The problems and solutions to daily life with always be embraced by properly applied Cosmic inspiration. Anyone who encourages you to ignore or neglect the body is not applying the revelations correctly.

In adolescence, bodily changes start to affect our mental outlook. We begin to see our self and our place in the world differently. There are adjustments that take place with our self-concept. So too, changes like this happen when a mystic begins to develop and tap into Cosmic Consciousness.

There are inherent dangers in embracing this higher path, the same way there are dangers inherent in passing through the initiation of adolescence. However, as a species, we have very little choice. We will develop in this direction. The best way to pass safely through this initiation is to actively pursue it, study with diligence and apply it. One of the best methods to develop this exalted level of consciousness is meditation.

The Lost Dutchman’s Mine

Superstition-MountainThe Lost Dutchman’s Mine is a 19th century legendary gold mine that is supposed to be located in American Southwest; generally thought to be in the Superstition Mountains, east of Phoenix Arizona.

The legend is named after German immigrant Jacob Waltz (c. 1810 – 1891 CE), who discovered the mine and kept its location a secret.

The only thing I’ll reveal about it now is that it is located in Arizona and it’s not actually a mine.

Purity: The Abandoned Ideal


I used to host an internet radio show on Blog Talk.  I strived to have a female co-host so that the male and female perspectives are both represented.  So as you can imagine, I am keenly aware of when other psychic shows with a male / female team come along.

Recently such a show premiered.  The woman was a friend on Facebook and the guy was someone I did not know.  But they were both attractive, wholesome, intelligent looking people, so I intended to listen.  I am a good, entertaining host, but I can always learn more.

I was completely appalled when they announced the topic for their premiere show: “Should you have sex on the first date?”  Now I realize we live in the age of instant gratification with no personal accountability.  But I could not believe that the woman, a supposed psychic, would even consider the topic!

I have been in the psychic business for 25 years.  And granted, there are some people in the industry who try rationalize one-night stands and random hookups.  But most psychics are well aware of the overwhelming heartache and pain that infidelity and promiscuity cause.   We live in an age, unfortunately, where many woman attempt to imitate the absolute worst behaviors of men.  Some people are even warped enough to call this ‘liberation!” 

Since when did we allow the fashion gurus and supposed cool people to redefine ‘liberation’ to mean desensitizing your body and deadening your heart?  What about love, tenderness, loyalty and companionship? 

I realize we stopped crafting real men in America a long time ago.  But shouldn’t we be encouraging men to be better men; faithful, loving and devoted, instead of killing their incentives for this by having random hookups and sex on the first date?

The question doesn’t even need to be asked because the answer should be a resounding, “Hell no!”

Now, I understand that some of you may be thinking I’m a little archaic and old fashioned.  However almost every survey I have ever seen states that most women still want marriage and commitment.  Most of the exceptions I have come across have been discouraged women who simply no longer believe that such a relationship is possible anymore. While I sympathize with them, I cannot agree with them.  There are good men out there.   

Spiritual development, real spiritual development,  is about growth and personal responsibility.  Women, for centuries, were the sacred caretakers of all that is holy.  They helped shape good men, first at the knee, and then as their companions with their love and devotion.  Good women have always softened the harsher aspects of men. 

When did purity, the sacred ideal, become so unpopular?  We hear lip service being given to spirituality all the time, especially in the new age / self-improvement culture.  But since when did we cut off the roots of it?  Buddhism is a typical religious philosophy that is popular among new agers.  However few people are aware of just how rigorous Buddha’s teaching are.  You are probably aware that one of the Four Noble Truths taught by Buddha was, “All suffering is caused by craving.”  Did you know that ‘craving’ can also be translated as lust?  

Now I am not suggesting that we all become priests and nuns.  But our desire for love, companionship and our procreative powers need to be handled with care.  If we are reckless we will bring unnecessary suffering on our own heads.

Your body is a temple for your Soul and needs to be treated as such.  And this holds true whether you believe your Soul is the literal spirit offspring of or a divine spark of God.  Real self-love begins with respecting your temple.

Let us shake off modern, ‘sophisticated’ cynicism and re-embrace an old truth: PurityPurity of heart, mind, body and Soul! 

Pivotal Eternities

Below is a copy of an journal entry from January 14th, 2006, when I was still married to my children’s mother.


189182900493_zpso8qeeqilI took the family out to Del Taco for dinner last night.  My wife, daughter and youngest son had gone on ahead into the restaurant. My middle child, my son and I were still leaving the car.

My daughter is my performer, helping when needed, my baby is my prancer baby, and my son is my snuggler. So I was snuggling my son and I said to him, “I love you,” in a matter-of-fact tone.

And while looking at the restaurant, he said to me, “You better love me or I’m… I’m gonna pound you!”

Shocked by his severe answer, I laughed out loud and my son followed suit. He let out one of his overly exaggerated laughs; the kind that little kids do when they are trying to infect you with the same emotion.

My ears filled with a hollow sound and everything slowed down. He turned his head toward me, and directed that incredibly intense gaze of his squarely into my eyes.

With graveness in his voice, he said “I’m serious!”


Time seemed to stop as a mysterious spiritual connection was made between us; one of those rare soul to soul communications. Even though time stopped, I sensed action all around us and felt reality pivot in a way I’ve only experienced a few times before.

While staring into those inconceivably dark, intense eyes, I saw the man in the boy I held in my arms. Two possible futures unfolded in front of me with lighting speed.

In the most likely path, I saw my son growing into the exceptional young man I know he can be. I saw him pass through his phase of materialism in his late teens and early twenties. I saw his subsequent rejection of remote viewing/psychic perception and his eventual return to embrace it in his medical practice as a traditional Doctor. His wife and his two children were also perceivable.

I saw and felt the indelible imprint of myself deep in his psychological make up as well as his own unique emotional identity emerging with unimaginable power. I sensed the thousands of patients, whose lives he will save and suffering he will diminish. I felt the seeds of achievement and purpose that will be passed down to my grandchildren; all from me, some rough, uneducated, Sicilian.

A part of me cried out with gratitude and humility, for God granting me so great an opportunity, as to care for one his children; to be an eternal part of creation itself.

I also sensed the less likely path, which will only happen if I withdraw myself from my son’s life. In this future, I felt the rage, disappointment and self-hatred of a neglected young man with damaged self-esteem. For while he could rationally understand the absence of his father, his primal emotional side could never comprehend it. I felt and saw the pain and resentment, the drug abuse and anti-social behavior. I sensed only one child, from sleazy girlfriend/prostitute, as well as my son’s criminal career and imprisonment and his suicide at the age 27.

Resolution flashed all throughout my body. There is absolutely no way I am going to let that happen. But I am thankful that as a natural psychic and I can perceive, almost immediately, the outcome of my personal choices: Pivotal Eternities . For the future is not set and we change it all the time by our thoughts, attitudes and actions. Our human action and Free Will are power creation given to us by God.

I wish that all earthly fathers, everywhere, could sense the outcome of their personal choices. Maybe if they could, they would choose more creatively. Maybe if they could sense their enormous responsibility and how their seemingly insignificant choices affect others, especially their children, they would be different. At least, I’d like to think that.

Time slowly crept forward, sound returned to my ears, and I said to my son in as loving and nonchalant a voice as I could muster, “Okay little man!”

We joined the rest of the family inside, ordered dinner and had a great time. The kids had a great time in the Play Area and even met some new friends.

Everyone is special . Everyone is unique, usually more than they will ever realize. Your choices today reverberate throughout the eternities. Remember dear reader, you don’t have “gifts;” YOU are the gift!

You are the gift of a loving Father in Heaven to your brothers and sisters here on earth. You have the rare opportunity of creation through your choices. Choose with your head, but SEE with your heart.

Besides, you read my son’s warning: I had better love him or he is going to pound me!  😉

Fatherhood – No Greater Calling


I sit here exhausted. My kids are on Spring Break and while there mother has been around, I have been the primary one caring for them. It is not easy taking care of them, consoling them, feeding them, clothing them, bandaging them up when they hurt themselves.

I love my children more than I will ever be able to express in words, pictures or music. It is a love that is transcendent and timeless. They are blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh and I would fall on a sword for them in a heartbeat. 

As far a psychic and medium and a writer, I am extremely ambitious. I literally want to change the world. I want more regular people to understand the human psychic function and how it works. I want more natural psychics to come to an understanding and appreciate for their unique position in the world so they do more good. So I need to be out there connecting with people on all levels. I’ve done a great job of that the past three weeks while my kids have been in school. This week, not so much. 

It has made me remember when my children were very young and not in school at all. As you can imagine, with my ambition about educating the public about the reality and practicality of psychic perception, I want to work!


This week, like years ago, I have had to choose between my children’s well-being and my ambition. And as much as I want to change the world and do what I do best, I knuckled down on myself for my kid’s sake.

I want to change the world, and at the risk of sounding arrogant, I know I canBut not at my children’s expense. As important and revolutionary as I consider my work and goals for the whole human family, I would happily give it all up for complete and total unrecognized obscurity for my children. 

I am thankful that I don’t have to! That my children are old enough and I have laid a good enough foundation, that my load with them is a little lighter than before. My point is that I would. There is no amount of recognition, money, fame, fortune or even good works, that I would not give up for my children’s sake.

There is no greater calling than father, there is no greater title than ‘Dad,’ there is no greater recognition than a sweet little voice on the other end of the phone asking, “Daddy, when are you coming home?” 🙂

“Soon, baby, soon.”

I know many men do not feel as I do and I think it’s a shame. I wish they did. Transforming society by embracing our psychic heritage is important. But it does not replace the crucial link that has been missing from the human family for the past several decades: father. 

Rise up men. Take responsibility and realize the magnificent, although maybe unrecognized role, Heavenly Father has given you. Mothers cannot be fathers no matter how much they try. Only you can. Rise up and be the man God intended you to be.

Safe In My Arms

stacie3God bless the family that made this video below. This hauntingly beautiful song alone would be enough to make me make me weep, but the accompanying video made me sob. The little girl reminds me so much of my daughter, Anastasia, when she was young.

Nothing will ever mean more to me then my children. There has never been a greater honor bestowed upon me than that of being a father, nor will there ever be, no matter how exalted.

My only, and deepest regret, is that I have not been able to provide my children with a strong, loving family. Some people see me as a great Dad. To the contrary, I am a colossal failure. I could not keep my own family together, nor could I provide my children with an alternative, blended one.

All I have left is my love and devotion to my children. That’s all I have to offer…

Trust me ladies, most men cannot write or speak like me. But many of them feel the same way I do. 

Someday, when the mountains have crumbled to sea and the stars have fallen from the sky and this earth has passed away, we will see…we will see that family is all that counts and it’s all that ever did.

My Pre-Mortal Encounter With My Daugther

anastasia9_zps4jbcgjlzIn 1996 my then wife Rebecca and I, were living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I had converted to the Mormon Faith about a year earlier. My conversion had been sincere and I had really given my heart to the Lord. It was an amazing time.

However, I ran into what many converts run into in any organized religion: less committed members or even blatant hypocrites! The Mormon Faith places great emphasis on family, which I love. But I was so frustrated with the hypocrisy and lack of commitment by members that I did decided, in my very determined way, that I was never having children!

Now, you’d have to know me well to recognize when I am speaking in my colorful and extreme Italian manner for effect and when I really mean something. I really meant it! I went to bed, with my heart set on never bringing children into this world…which as far as I was concerned, was going to hell in a hand basket!

I went to sleep and had this dream that I can only describe as a vision: it was so incredibly vivid! In this dream, my wife and I were driving up to the duplex we lived in, in our modest little red Ford Escort.

This car only had two doors. I got out, but instead of walking our apartment door, I turned and flipped the seat forward so I could reach into the back. At this point, I was a little puzzled as to why I was doing this. I observed. I saw this beautiful little girl in a car seat, which was set in the middle of rear seat (I did not know it at the time, but this was just when the ‘experts’ where recommending putting your child in the middle of the back set).

This little girl looked to be about 18 months old. She had almost white blond hair. She was playing with something, which she held in both of her hands. As she saw me coming toward her, she thrust her hands up in the air, looking at me with piercing blue eyes and screamed “Daddy!” My heart just melted. The love and connection I felt was overwhelming!

I woke up literally sobbing. I was so loud I woke my wife up. Of course, not being the least bit psychic or intuitive, she was looking at me like I’d just fallen out of a tree. I’m sure she was thinking, “What is wrong with you now James!?”

It took me about 30 seconds to compose myself to speak. All I could say was, “I guess we’re having children…”

I knew, down to my bones, that I would anything to be with that sweet little spirit and the God had granted me the chance to see what I would be passing up if I didn’t have children. You see, I believe that Heavenly Father deals with us all as the unique beings we are. So I might need some startling revelation because I’m such a stubborn ass, where someone else doesn’t need something so extreme to put them on the right track.

For the next year I felt Anastasia (she told me her name was) around quite often, looking in on her future parents. Being a natural Medium, I always acknowledged her, despite my fear of becoming a father.

Less then two year later my wife needed surgery, and she could not be pregnant and get the surgery. As my Bishop and I laid our hands on my wife’s head, to give her a Priesthood Blessing, I could feel my daughter, in spirit form, right next to me. I could not make out what she was saying, but I felt her urgency.

It was like she was saying, “I’m ready to come to earth Daddy! Please, I’m ready to come. I’m tired of waiting. Please help Mommy get over this surgery so I can come!”

I didn’t sense Anastasia around after that very much like I had before. Less then a month later Rebecca was pregnant, which of course, I knew. She needed more convincing, but I didn’t.

When I asked why Anastasia wasn’t around anymore I got the clear answer that she gone to “prepare” to come to earth; to be born. You see, it’s often been said, and is true: being born is harder than dying. It is a significant challenge for the incarnating Soul Personality.

I might often hate my calling as public Psychic: the ridicule, the ignorance, the bigotry…but I will always be thankful to God for the chance he gave me; to see my beautiful daughter before she came to earth! I love all my children, but she was the one that awakened my soul.

Despite the fact that her mother and I are no longer together, I so appreciate her. I know that she was supposed to come through me. Over the years, Anastasia has proven that that vivacious, energetic engagement and enthusiasm for life is alive and well!

Thank you Anastasia, for transforming my life for the better. I will always love you little girl.

“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them…” Psalms 127:4-5